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Vintage V4 Reissued Lefty + Roland Micro Cube Bass RX 329,00€
Gewa SPS Hardware Trolley 120cm 89,00€
Pearl Vision VMX Shells + Eliminator 2000-series hardware (Shells; 2xBD2218, Snare 1455, TT1008, TT1209, FT1616, FT1414. Hardware; 2xP2000, H-2000, S-2000, D-2000, 3xBC-2000, T-2000) 1999,00€
EHX Little Big Muff 50,00€
Xotic RC Booster 120,00€
PRS SE Tremonti w/gig bag 349,00€
MXR custom audio electronics boost/line driver 90,00€
Paiste Giant Beat hi-hat 15" 239,00€
MXR Analog Chorus 80,00€
EHX Key9 170,00€
Morley Sapphire Flanger 80,00€
Moody Sounds Hjärt Müller pedal kit 40,00€
T-Rex Room-Mate 140,00€
Hagström Viking 350,00€
MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz 90,00€
Landola ACE-80 400,00€
Vox V845 Wah-Wah 40,00€
EHX 45000 Controller 90,00€
Epiphone SQ-180 200,00€
Vox VT-30 120,00€
Blackstar HT DistX 120,00€
Russian Big Muff 150,00€
Sabian Vault Artisan 20" Medium Ride 325,00€
Korg M50 999,00€
Sabian HH Duo Ride 20" 230,00€
Roland JC-120 3rd Edition 700,00€

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